What is Vedic Psychology?

Developed by Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa and Jessica Richmond, Jiva Vedic Psychology is a new way of studying the mind and analyzing mental health issues, which blends eastern yogic theories with modern psychotherapy techniques. It is a holistic system based on the world's oldest scriptures, the Vedas. The Vedas were revealed to the sages of India 5,000 years ago, who passed down this timeless knowledge in an unbroken chain from teacher to student.

Why Vedic Psychology?

  1. Vedic Psychology is for all. No matter if you are struggling with mental instability or just need a little cosmic booster shot to find your equilibrium again. It can help you to learn how to be a more balanced and a more peaceful and happier person all around.

  2. Unlike many Western psychotherapeutic system, Vedic Psychology is a holistic approach to mental health. That means, it looks at the whole person: body, mind and consciousness.

  3. Vedic Psychology identifies the root cause of your issue and not just the symptom.

  4. Vedic Psychology empowers you to help yourself. It teaches you the tools to understand your own mind, so you won’t need me in the long run. As my teachers put it: “As the old saying goes, if you fish for a person, then you have to fish for them everyday.”

Where can I learn more about the origins of Vedic Psychology?

To learn more about Vedic Psychology, please visit: http://vedicpsychology.jiva.com/


Vedic Psychology

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As a Level 1 Vedic Psychology practitioner and student of both Western and Eastern Psychology on the PhD level, I offer in-person and Skype sessions. Please contact me to schedule a free consultation to see if Vedic Psychology could be right for you or to book your first session.