Christine has encouraged me to learn about the power of Reiki. I explained to Christine how I felt a lot of anxiety and nervousness in life. She suggested a Reiki session with her would ease my problems away. Since the few sessions I have had with Christine, I have felt lighter and less anxious. Reiki is a powerful experience and I would recommend a session with Christine to anyone looking for a way to learn, heal and grow. A Reiki session is truly a life changing experience.
— Daniel, New Jersey

Christine offered me a Reiki session as she knew about my constant fears and negative thoughts about the future and myself. I didn’t know much about Reiki but she truly turned me into a believer. Yes, I was sceptical at first but I felt so much at ease the moment she started the session. Her soft and thoughtful moves and touches really reached through to my heart and made me release so much I didn’t even consciously know about. I dreamt very intensely the following night, living through some horror scenarios again but Christine told me that it was all part of letting go of my demons. And she was right - I slept like a baby the following nights and am feeling so much at ease with myself now! Andrea is such an intuitive and caring person and I could let go of so many worries and negative feelings at once. She truly is a healer and I can strong recommend her to anyone with mental blocks or any type of misalignments. Magical side note: After the session she asked me about my connection to snakes and that they could help me growing and healing and I have been ‘haunted’ by them in real life since then. Symbols, pictures or texts of snakes have so many times shown me the right way...Also, she asked about rose quartzes - my favorite crystals - which she didn’t know before! This really cant be a coincidence! Thank you so much for lighting the way, Christine!
— Lisa, Germany

Christine’s restorative yoga class struck a perfect balance between soothing movement and restorative poses. Christine set a theme for the class and was able to incorporate Hindu mythology in a way that could be used towards real life application. My favorite part of class was Christine’s hands-on assists. My yoga practice deepened as a result of her thoughtful and healing hands. Christine also gave students several different options for each pose to maximize their comfort and to consider everyone’s unique body and yoga level. By the end of class, Christine left me feeling whole, refreshed, and invigorated to start my week anew. Christine’s energy radiates compassion, wisdom, and healing. Christine makes everyone feel comfortable and accepted, and her teaching style accommodates both advanced and beginner yogis alike.
— Parisa, New York

Christine’s Reiki session was helpful and compassionate. I was having a challenging experience after a break-up and was seeking some energetic healing. Her calm and loving nature are reflected in her Reiki process. She’s gentle, understanding, and thoughtful. I felt good after the session and appreciated its elements in my own personal healing journey. I recommend Christine for anyone looking for Reiki work.
— Sam, New York

You don’t believe in Reiki or any of “this stuff“? That doesn’t matter – Christine will show you that it works anyway. I’m usually a skeptic myself but I gave myself a chance to experience this form of healing about a year ago. I let Christine try and work her “magic“ on me – and magic it was. Not only did I feel relief from stress and anxieties and slept like a baby after the session. After Christine was done she asked me whether I had a cold or any other problems with my throat. I did – but I hadn’t told her so before and as she wasn’t even in the same room (or country for that matter) as I was and she hadn’t heard me on the phone for days, she actually couldn’t have known. From that day on I firmly believed in Reiki and benefited from Christine’s healing energy many a time. A great experience I can whole heartedly recommend to anyone – believer or not.
— Angelina, Germany