Terms & Policies


The purpose of the website www.anusoul.com is to provide valuable information about the services offered. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions as they are stated below.

By using this website and registering for services of AnuSoul and performed by Andrea Christine Kischkat, you automatically agree to all terms and conditions.

Andrea Christine Kischkat reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice to clients.


The purpose of this website is to provide informative and valuable content about energy healing, yoga, meditation, psychology and other integrative healing modalities used during sessions to clients and prospective clients. At no time should this information substitute medical recommendations, advice, or diagnosis.

Integrative wellness, including but not limited to, healing modalities such as, energy healing (Reiki), yoga, meditation, are separate disciplines from western medicine. While integrative health and wellness practices, as the ones stated above, are offered in good faith and can be beneficial in addition to traditional western medicine, it is strongly recommended to always seek medical advice from a licensed and qualified healthcare practitioner or physician in case of serious illness.

All trainings, services, and information are offered in good faith, however, Andrea Christine Kischkat cannot accept responsibility for any illness or other serious medical condition, which arises out of the failure of the student, client, or visitor to seek licensed medical advice from a qualified healthcare practitioner. The same applies to their animal companions and/or family members.


When booking an appointment and prior to the execution of any services, the prospective client is required to review, complete, and submit a Reservation form, as well as an Informed Consent form. By submitting these forms, you agree that all personal and medical information provided is correct and accurate to the best of your ability and knowledge. These forms need to be submitted prior to a treatment(s) and/or session(s) and serve as your acknowledgement of the understanding of the contents of the documents. If you are booking an appointment for an animal companion or family member and are acting on behalf of the recipient, you are agreeing on behalf of such persons or animals.

Treatments and sessions can be scheduled online or via phone/text. Date and time is mutually agreed upon by client and practitioner.


Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your designated start time.


A client who arrives late accepts that practitioner has other commitments and only has booked time and services during mutually agreed time on mutually agreed date. Hence a late arrival of client may result in a shortened session caused by the time of delay of their late arrival. The full cost for the treatment and/ or session remains payable to the practitioner by the client.


Upon booking of an appointment, the client agrees to adhere to a 48-hour cancelation policy. In the case that the client misses or cancels an appointment without giving at least 48-hour notice prior to the start of the session, a cancelation fee of 50% is payable to the practitioner. THIS IS POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.


Electronic payment via Venmo is the preferred method of payment. In case you prefer check or cash payment, the payment needs to be received BEFORE the treatment or session begins. All payments are to be made 48-hours prior to the start of the treatment and/ or session. If payment does not occur 48-hours prior without notice, it will be handled as a cancelation and 50% cancelation fee will become payable to the practitioner. In order to avoid this strictly enforced fee, please contact practitioner as soon as possible if unable to pay.

Sliding Scale Payment Policy

A sliding scale policy remains in place for those individuals who are going through financial hardship. Please contact the practitioner to discuss this option.


Reiki is energy healing applied via the touch of the practitioner. It always works for the highest good of all concerned. Hence, the previously desired outcome may or may not result from a Reiki session. Each person experiences the effects of Reiki differently. Reiki may be experienced as heat, coolness, or tingling sensation. The experiences presented in the testimonials are unique and hence your experience of the effects of Reiki might differ greatly. Reiki activates the self-healing properties of the physical body and psyche.


While it is possible that a sole Reiki session can make a significant difference in the client’s health and well-being, it is often the case that several sessions are necessary to fully address the concern and in order for healing to take place. The client understands that most long-term imbalances were created over a long amount of time and in order to unravel these imbalances and habits, more than one session might be necessary to facilitate healing. Thus, the client recognizes that this process will take faith, commitment and time.

The client takes full responsibility for their health and well-being, recognizing that it is their positive choices that will result in positive transformation. He or she also understands that any feedback and suggestions given by the practitioner do not come with a guarantee for effectiveness and success. The practitioner is not liable for the results of actions taken or decisions made based on guidance or feedback received during a Reiki session.


The user of this website agrees to hold the practitioner and her services harmless of any intended or unintended results of treatments and sessions offered, including but not limited to, Reiki, yoga, coaching and other healing modalities. The user agrees that the owner of this website is not liable for compensation in case any damages or injury result from using this website, including hyperlinks, and information shared.