Hey There! And thanks for stopping by to learn more about me and my work…

Who is Christine Kischkat a.k.a. AnuSoul?

Based in New Jersey, Christine Kischkat, M.A. is a holistic wellness practitioner, educator, and change agent.

She is a 500+ certified yoga teacher with therapeutic emphasis as well as an energy healer (Reiki Master). Christine is also working on a PhD in Psychology and specializing in consciousness, integrative health and transformative social change to be completed in 2020.

As a yoga teacher, Christine specializes in prenatal yoga, as well as restorative and slow flow yoga. Her classes are infused with philosophy, movement, and meditation for an optimal wellness experience.

As an energy healer, she combines her knowledge in psychotherapy and psychology with ancient energy healing techniques to help her clients through the challenges they face.

As a Vedic Psychology practitioner, she offers Vedic Psychology sessions that help her clients study their minds and analyze the blocks that are in the way to feeling more calm, peaceful, and happy.

Christine is also a lover of Young Living Essential Oils and passionate about sharing the benefits these oils bring in her own life, with others.

Why are you offering these services?

Because I want to make you feel awesome and happy.

This work is part of my vocation (the other parts are education and transformative social change and they link into each other too). When I feel that I am helpful to YOU, your family and environment and my offerings bring you value, it brings me so much joy and happiness.

So you are saying that your mission is my happiness?

Correct! I’m here to “HEI” you, which means:

H-ope - that everything is perfect and you are loved and supported through this journey

E-mpowerment - to go out and live your YOU-nique purpose

I-nspiration - to put your you-nique soul fingerprint on this planet and make the planet a little bit better than it was before

How does transformative social change fit into all of this?

The world is in crisis and it takes a village to change that.

By helping you feel amazing and inspired to go out into the world, spread the love and make BIG things happen in your communities with your you-nique talents, we create a movement of love, compassion and healing AND we all help Mother Earth get out of crisis and into equilibrium (and that in turn makes me feel even more amazing and happy).

We are on the brink of a new millennium of thought, an entirely new way of relating to each other and we all need to step out together as a unity of midwives (and -husbands?!) of the collective consciousness and help Mother Earth birth this new age.

You can’t be part of this BIG birthing event, even just as a witness, if you are entangled in your own stuff.

So the basic idea is that when you become happy, I become happy, and together we happily save the planet. Sounds cheesy, over-the-top, and damn inspiring, doesn’t it ?!

(You see how this is all a win-win-love-and-happiness-saving-the-planet-kinda-situation? )

Where and with whom did you study?

Formal academic education:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD) with specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality, Integrative Health and Transformative Social Change from Saybrook University, CA (Graduation in 2020)

  • Magister Artium (M.A.) in Art History, Anthropology, and Archeology from Universitaet Wuerzburg, Germany (2013)

Trainings and Certificates:

  • Vedic Psychology Level 1 from Jiva Institute (2019) vedicpsychology.jiva.com

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training from Maha Mama (2018) mahamama.com

  • Reiki Master Apprenticeship with Deer Spirit Reiki (2018) deerspiritreiki.com

  • 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training from Prema Yoga Institute (2018) premayogainstitute.com

  • Way of the Shaman Basic Workshop Graduate from Foundation for Shamanic Studies (2018) shamanism.org

  • 25-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training from YogaVida (2018) yogavida.com

  • Certified Shamanic Reiki Practitioner (Level 1) with Mindbodyspiritnyc (2017) mindbodyspiritnyc.com

  • Certified Reiki Master with Healing Reiki Brooklyn (2016) healingreikibrooklyn.com

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner (Level 1-3) with Healing Reiki Brooklyn (2015)

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner (Level 1-2) with Living Light Reiki (2015) livinglightreiki.org

  • Angelic Liquid Light Healing Practitioner with Deer Spirit Reiki (2015) deerspiritreiki.com

  • 200-hour Teacher Training from Sonic Yoga (2015) sonicyoga.com

How can I work with you?

Connect with me via email at anusoulhealing@gmail.com or text me at at (914) 407-4707 and let’s have a conversation about how I can best help you.

What’s your favorite hot or cold beverage?

I have recently fallen in love with Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato. yummy

What do you look like?



I hope that helped to gain some clarity about who I am and what I do. Let’s get together and make great things happen!

 PS: Talking about myself doesn’t come easy to me - and I generally value building one-on-one relationships most. That’s why I’d rather meet you for a tea (or caramel macchiato) in person to exchange who we are, and what we do, and how we can support each other.

PPS: I bet you can’t guess my age correctly! :D

PPPS: All of this healing stuff makes you look very young. Bet I have your attention now.