Reflections on Surrender - Or - How Loosing My Job Turned Into a Big Blessing


When we surrender to our Higher Power magic happens. Surrender happened in my life for real about 6-months ago, when I was laid off from my job. I had read the book The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer and was intrigued by his account of how surrendering to God changed his life. In fact, his story touched me so much so that I decided, I wanted to do exactly the same and see if miracles would happen similarly to how Michael describes them in his book. I got my first opportunity in February 2018, when I was laid off from my job at an medical education agency. That was a very scary experience, as it would be for anyone. For me it was particularly scary, because at the time I was 100% dependent on myself and did not have enough savings to be able to continue to pay my bills for much longer than 2-months, before I would get into serious trouble. So, after the first shock had dissipated, I made a very conscious decision: I would fully and whole-heartedly surrender to my Higher Power. What happened after that was pure magic. 

Literally, 2-hours before I was let go, a recruiter had contacted me to discuss possible future opportunities. I told her I was potentially interested, however, was pretty happy at my current job and, hence wasn't actively searching. She mentioned that she had an interesting opportunity - a work from home gig - which might help with me finishing my dissertation. What I did not know at the time was that God already had my back and knew much better what was best for me, than me. A few hours later, I was laid off and I called my recruiter back to let her know that now, serendipitously, I was actively searching. 

In the next 4 weeks, I was in conversation with my Higher Power even more intently than ever. Every time a spark of doubt or fear would enter my mind, I told Him/Her: Please take away my fear. Please help me. I am open. Thy will be done. Whatever is for my highest good. 

I drew Angel Tarot Cards and they lit every step of the way through the uncertainty and darkness. I would receive cards such as All is in Perfect Order or A New Opportunity Is Coming Soon and they gave me the faith and strength to know that there is a Higher Power watching over me, making sure that I am provided for.

At first, I was skeptical about this new opportunity my recruiter had mentioned and that was moving forward. I heard a lot of very mixed things about the company. But i had made a promise to myself: I wanted to surrender just like Michael A. Singer had, and trust that my Higher Power knew better what was best for me, and I was determined to keep my promise. So I kept and open mind and let the flow of life take me where it felt it was best for me to be. As I was on my way to my interview, I quietly asked my Higher Power to give me very clear signs that I was on the right path, and that this opportunity was, indeed, the best opportunity for me in this moment. And my signs came, one after another. I saw signs -like, actual marketing banners on the side of the road - with messages as "This way to success" (no Kidding). As I arrived at the offices, all of my interviews went over with such an ease and grace, that I almost can say the experience was fun - even though interviews are often more stressful than fun. But all through the experience the feeling was expansive, and loving. I resonated with every single person I had a conversation with and loved their business philosophy and vibe. 

Long story short, surrender, indeed brought me a new opportunity within as little as 4 weeks after the initial layoff. And what an AMAZING opportunity! I am currently making more money, I have AMAZING benefits, among them to be able to work from home, I work with a wonderful team of women, who are all so loving and open, and I have learned and grown personally and professionally more than I have in any other job previously...I feel so, so very blessed by my job and truly enjoy it. 

They say that, when God takes something away, then it is only to replace it with something MUCH better. This has proven to be true in my life EVERY SINGLE TIME - both in personal and professional terms. It certainly was true with this layoff, which was scary at first. 

Now here's the morale of the story: if I was someone who was very attached to my ego and identified with my body, as in if I believed that I was the body and my fear around money and stability were the truth, I probably would have been blind to all the unseen support I was receiving and would have possibly pushed it away. The ego is always based in fear and tries to manipulate, control, and manage. And that tendency results in suffering; nothing good can come from a mindset of fear. I also probably would have suffered a lot more through this experience than I actually did, if my ego would have mainly driven the show.

Instead, however, I decided to surrender to the flow of life, trusting that there is a Higher Power totally loving me and taking care of me. I surrendered into the love of God. I made a decision for love and it brought me more blessings and miracles. In fact, this works so well, that I know make a very conscious decision FOR surrender into my Higher Powers loving arms EVERY morning I am blessed to wake up to a new day. I am thine and thy will be done. Every day is an opportunity to make this world a bit better by choosing love.

The Course in Miracles teaches that nothing real can be threatened, and it refers to the love that God is, and that we all are. We are all made in the image of God/Goddess. We are all small creators and we are all love, just like our Higher Power. Love and God are one and the same thing. The purpose of this worldly experience is to realize exactly this - that's why many yogic traditions speak of self-realization. Realizing that we are divine love, that we are like God. Once, we tap into this very powerful current of divine love, nothing can stop us from expressing our true nature - love.

When we decide to as Amma says "be born in love, live in love and die in live", true happiness and peace happens.

My layoff was the first time in my life, when I consciously experienced this true force of magic and love and the more I surrender into this flow of life, the more miracles happen in my life, almost on a daily basis.

Where can you surrender more in your life? Are you controlling your circumstances? What's the outcome? Are you happy? Do you know what Higher Love is?

Open your heart to the source, to love!

From Soul to Soul and Heart to Heart,