Insights from India: Play!

[Mindful disclaimer: I am neither in the possession of truth, nor do I have – as they say - monopoly on the truth. Everybody has to seek and find what’s true for them. I am just another soul on the path of Truth (with a capital T) – whatever that means. While I travel down the long and lonesome road of life’s ups and downs, I have chosen the art of writing as my tool to dig deeper, in hope of finding pieces of clues that will help me solve life’s mysteries. Like a transpersonal archeologist, I am digging deep, working on making sense of the fantastically puzzling questions that revolve around the meaning of life and human existence. I am looking for clues to human existence that will shift our consciousness and help us see things through different, more loving, compassionate, forgiving and kinder lenses. So that we may not only transform our own being, but humankind collectively.]


People get stressed when they work. Turn work into play, because then there won’t be distress. In Sanskrit “Lila”, which is pronounced “leela”, roughly translated means “play”. It is the activity of the Divine. The Divine is always playing. So take that as an example and always do everything as a play. Have a playful approach to every situation in life, whether that is your professional life, your relationships or running an errand like grocery shopping, because then there is no distress in the everyday, mundane tasks. Everything becomes a joyous, light activity. If you understand this principle you will become the best executor of whatever you do. Wherever you go, see it as a play and then concentrate on that one moment and become fully immersed in that activity. Remember when you were a child and were able to play for hours without any distraction? Rediscover this wonderful ability you once had. That is the essence of “being in the present moment”. Children still know how to do this. But as we turn into adults, life becomes serious and we get distracted by everything. We become dissatisfied and start complaining. We become the victim, blaming others for our suffering. The answer to relieving that suffering is not found in the external, physical world. It won’t be the new car, the new girlfriend or that handbag you’ve always wanted. The answer to relieve your own suffering is found within you. Rediscover that inner child and start playing and stay in the present moment. The present will be known by play. It should not matter who is watching you; just play and do your job. That’s what the sages call “the art of working-playing”. Life is a play – there’s a stage just for you. You play all these roles. Sometimes you play daughter or son, employee, father, niece or whatever else you’d like to play. It is your choice. But always be aware that they are only roles and don’t get attached to them.

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