Ritual: Chant Mantras to Create Wonderful Experiences

Haiiii, lovely soul. <3

Now that the new year has been sufficiently welcomed and we’ve settled into the new and elevated vibes of this universal 1 year, why not fully step into your divine creator role and start manifesting the best year of your life?

The other day I heard something rather inspiring on the radio while driving to work. On this radio show they were discussing how so many people had had such a rough year 2016 on a personal level and that many were hoping that 2017 would bring them better experiences. One caller, however, commented in a very intelligent way.

He remarked that rather than passively waiting for this year to bring you good things and experiences, why not create them yourself?

I found that extremely refreshing as we often find ourselves in victim-mode and a place of entitlement. We think that this life should “rain red roses” for us, as German American singer Hildegard Knef expressed it so eloquently. Don’t know this song? Listen to it here:


We can certainly wait for beautiful things to happen to us – or we can simply go out and create them ourselves. So the question really is:

What is it that you want to experience this year?

One wonderful way to become very clear about your intention for manifestation is chanting mantra.  Mantra can help us make the changes that we wish for in our lives.

Whether it is wanting a new mate, the desire for a new job or career opportunity or facing challenging times, like health or financial issues; you can be sure there’s a mantra for everything. “Mantra can help you find the right course of action for effective change”(Ashley-Farrand). Mantra can help us create.

In “Healing Mantras”, Thomas Ashley-Farrand writes that “the process of creation is described through the images of a brief narrative:

First, God as Being…

From Being comes Mind…

From Mind comes Desire…

From Desire comes Will…

From Will comes the Word…

From the Word come everything else.”

So why not start a mantra as part of your “sadhana”? Right now?

A “sadhana” is a spiritual discipline that you dedicate yourself for a certain amount of time. A spiritual discipline or “sadhana” is often rather precise in method and structure.

Mantras as sadhana’s usually have a central purpose (abundance or removing obstacles) and a number of repetitions that are associated with the accomplishment of the task or objective.

Here are some basic guidelines for chanting mantra and manifesting the life of your dreams:

  • Choose your mantra. Personally, I have chosen to dedicate myself to the Lakshmi mantra, the Hindu goddess of prosperity, fertility and health, for the next forty days. If you are totally new to this practice, however, a good mantra to start with is always the Ganesh mantra. This one removes obstacles of all sorts. See below for videos of both mantras and if you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar (or both) with these mantras, go ahead and just play and listen to them. Just listening and internally engaging is just as good as chanting them out loud.
  • Repeat the chosen mantra as often as possible. Traditionally, you would start chanting a mantra 108 times at least once a day for 40 days. Yes, this takes a certain amount of discipline. BUT -- I believe in you. You can do it! ;)
  • If you keep a journal, start writing about your experience. Is stuff changing? What new opportunities are opening up for you? You’ll be amazed. I promise ;).
  • Choose from a mantra below.

Lakshmi Mantra for Wealth and Prosperity:

Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

Ganesh Mantra for Success and Removing Obstacles:

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

- Or -  choose whatever mantra serves you at this point in your life. :)

From heart to heart and soul to soul,




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