How to Survive Your Saturn Return

An experiential guide to navigating the land of confusion (and making it out alive, well and empowered) 



Being on a spiritual path does not prevent you from facing times of darkness. But it teaches you how to use the darkness as a tool to grow.

The first time I heard about Saturn Return I was convinced I had already been through it. Ironically, the man who told me about it, should also become the failed relationship which triggered one of the darkest, most transformative yet exciting and blessed phases of my life. My Saturn Return had begun.

If I’ve learned one thing going through my personal Saturn Return, it is to let go and accept that it is happening.

Now you might look at me and say: Yeah, but – that’s easier said than done.

How do you let go? How do you accept?

In my own experience, breath is a beautiful tool to help you with letting go and accepting.

Our breath is the direct link to the divine, hence we can offer anything we want and that doesn’t serve us anymore via the pathway of the breath. Every breath of air you take is a small prayer you offer to the beloved divine. Whether you are aware of it or not.


The more you struggle and the more you attach yourself to thoughts, concepts and emotions, the more you’ll be suffering. Just let it be.

And in the end, Saturn will reveal beautiful blessings and gifts for you. I promise!

However, before we start this exploration into the dark, yet fruitful land of confusing Saturn Return (and other topics); I have a piece of “bad” news for you:

I am neither in the possession of truth, nor do I have – as they say - monopoly on the truth.

Everybody has to seek and find what’s true for them. I am just another soul on the path of truth – whatever that means.

And while I am traveling down the long and lonesome road of life’s ups and downs, I have chosen writing as my tool to dig deeper, hoping I will find pieces of clues that will help me solve life’s mysteries. Like a metaphysical archeologist, I am digging deep, working on making sense of the meaning of life and existence.

If you’d like we can become partners; colleagues on the dig for life’s truth. I can offer you my pieces and you can offer me yours and perhaps together we find some grant and wonderful things: a vase? Or perhaps a statue that will help us understand life better?

I am looking for clues to human existence that will shift our consciousness and help us see things through different, more loving, compassionate, forgiving and kinder lenses.

So that we may not only transform our own being, but humankind collectively.

In any case, I am excited to be traveling with you as we experience the adventure that is life. You will need some courage, because not everything we will discover is going to be pleasant and beautiful, but it will be worth it.

Together we are less alone.

Oh! And in case you’ve asked yourself: AC, what the HELL is a Saturn Return, please? You did not explain that above.

Fear not, my fellow seeker soul. I will offer that piece to you in my next blog article, which will be published next Monday morning.

Sending you my unending love and blessings,




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