who and what is anu soul?

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Anu Soul is dedicated to professional and knowledgeable holistic (alternative) healing of the body, mind and soul. Anu refers to Danu, or Dana, the Celtic goddess, which brings healing and spiritual enlightenment. Soul references the rediscovery of our True Self (yes, with capital T + S ) and ultimately the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. It is based on the understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. When we are fully connected and in tune with ourselves, our souls and higher consciousness, we are generally also able to act more compassionately and loving towards others, resulting in happier and more peaceful lives. Anu Soul believes that what the world needs now are more tolerant and compassionate souls. As Mother Teresa put it: I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

Based in New Jersey, Anu Soul is primarily a blog, publishing articles on spirituality, consciousness, integrative health and psychology weekly.  In addition, Anu Soul offers professional Reiki sessions and classes, as well as some private Yoga sessions upon request. Anu Soul's mission and values are as follows:

  • The understanding that we are one universal sister- + brotherhood of humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color
  • To encourage the critical, scientific exploration and exchange of transpersonal topics, including Philosophy, Science and Religion, in a loving, tolerant and open-minded manner.
  • To encourage the acceptance of personal responsibility in all aspects of life and employing one’s abilities and talents in the loving, healing and compassionate service of others.

All services are rendered based on the APA Code of Ethics as well as the International Association of Yoga Therapists Code of Ethics. However, Anu Soul also understands that healing and medicine are two separate disciplines. Yoga and Reiki are both part of the holistic healing arts, not the practice of medicine. Both disciplines can be a supplement to, and not a substitute for professional medical care and treatment. In case of any serious medical ailment or condition, you should always consult your doctor for advice.

The Soul Behind Anu Soul

AC, the soul behind Anu Soul, has fallen in love with Yoga, Meditation and Reiki for their ability to heal mind, body, and soul. Yoga’s healing effects of present moment and breath awareness can help us find both freedom and refuge in the body. A consistent return to the mat or pillow can assist us to gently connect with ourselves -thoughts, emotions and body - in a more authentic, heart- centered way. Ultimately, both, the Reiki and Yoga/Meditation practice, can be a catalyst for a powerful shift in individual consciousness. Its effects can lead to not only less stress and more peace, clarity and wellness, but an overall joyous and content life. AC believes that health and healing happens on all layers of our being - mind, body and soul. It starts in the spiritual, non-tangible dimensions and thus this is were healing also needs to begin. Hence, the soul's understanding and connection to divine consciousness is essential before it effects mental and physical aspects of our human experience. A regular practice harnesses our attention and redesigns our habitual patterns. In her classes you’ll find an emphasis on therapeutic aspects of the practice, breath awareness, and a strong focus on mindfulness and spirituality. 

AC is a Reiki Master-Level practitioner in the Usui-Tibetan lineage (William Rand, International Center for Reiki Training). She has also had training in Shamanism and Shamanic Reiki, as well as Angel Reiki. AC offers Reiki sessions in Northern New Jersey, Manhattan and Westchester County. Attunement classes to Reiki energy are available upon request (minimum of 4 participants required). In addition, she offers private Yoga classes with therapeutic emphasis. Andrea has been a yoga practitioner since 2004. In 2015, she became certified to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Shiva Rae) at one of the most renowned yoga studios and schools in NYC : Sonic Yoga. Ever since she has earned more than 500 training hours. As an aspiring Yoga therapist, she is currently studying Yoga Therapy at Prema Yoga Therapeutics in New York. For more info info on both Reiki and Yoga sessions, email Andrea at anusoulhealing[at]gmail.com.

AC holds an M.A. and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology and Psychotherapy. She is specialized in Consciousness, Spirituality and Integrative Health.