Hey There! And thanks for stopping by to learn more about me and my work…


“About me”s are so very awkward, aren’t they? Especially in our day and age of social media platforms and co., in which everybody is constantly posting stuff about themselves. (Talk about raising a society of #narcissists #TakeItWithAGrainOfSalt)

Aaanyway, long story short – I am still navigating this section, meaning “I am working on it” (because…pssst, talking about myself doesn’t come easy to me - and to be frank, I’d rather meet you for a tea and exchange who we are, and what we do, and how we can support each other in person).


In the meantime, here’s a draft version “about me”, so that you’ll at least get an impression of who I am, and what I do, while I work on…well, something new. Enjoy!


Christine “Andrea” Kischkat is a life and health coach, yoga and meditation instructor, and Reiki Master and the owner of AnuSoul – Soulful Integrative Wellness. She holds a Master’s in Cultural Studies and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Psychology, specializing in consciousness and holistic health and wellbeing. Andrea’s dissertation focuses on personal transformation toward global transformative social change via transformative learning theory. She is also a 500-hour plus yoga and meditation teacher with a therapeutic emphasis, as well as a restorative and pre-natal yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. Andrea is a Reiki Master, certified through the International Center for Reiki Training and a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.


In her Integrative Wellness Practices, her mission can be summed up as “HEI”:






By teaching her clients how their fear-based minds work to sabotage their lives, she helps them to get unstuck and feel HOPEFUL again. Andrea believes that a client who understands the conscious and subconscious parts of their mind, is an EMPOWERED client, who is INSPIRED to reach their highest potential of personal success, fulfillment, happiness, and joy. She is hopeful that such a client will also be INSPIRED to go out and work compassionately towards a more loving, peaceful and sustainable world.


Andrea likes to see herself as the personal trainer of your mind and soul. When you exercise, you work out your physical body. When you understand your mind and apply this understanding in your daily life, you are not only working out your mind, but you will also get to know your true authentic self; your soul. We need a balanced body, mind and soul to be a balanced, happy, and successful human being.


Andrea lives in Clifton, NJ with her husband-to-be and her two cats.

And in case you’ve wondered, what I look like: Ta-daaa!


[…I know, I know! #Selfie. More professional photos coming shortly #WorkInProgress. In the meantime, you can now say “hello”, should we cross paths in Clifton or elsewhere (Please Do!)]